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Powerwarehouse Premium Laptop Batteries

Buy with confidence from Powerwarehouse. All of our replacement laptop batteries come with a 12 month No Hassle warranty and are quality tested in-house by our QA department. Buy direct on our website to save!

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Buy New Laptop Batteries

Used Laptop Batteries often attract consumers because of their low prices and promises of longer battery life. The fact is that used batteries can NEVER last as long or perform as well as a New Laptop Battery. Powerwarehouse sells only New Laptop Batteries - This means that the cells in your battery have never been reconditioned or restored, they are Brand New from our manufacturing facility. They come with a 100% Satisfaction Gaurantee and our 12 Month Warranty. ALL of our batteries are tested in house and deliver the highest quality power for your Laptop. Our Laptop Battery Cells are OEM quality from the best Japanese and Korean Manufacturers who often provide the same battery cells to the OEM Laptop Manufacturers. This means you are gauranteed to get the best and longest battery life when purchasing a New Laptop Battery from Powerwarehouse.

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Taking Care of Your New Laptop Battery

Replacement Laptop Batteries are typically shipped discharged and must be fully charged for optimal prolonged use. Be sure to check for details in your owner’s manual for charging instructions, but we recommend about 12 hours. Initially, the battery may need to be charged/discharged a few times before it reaches max capacity. Don't be alarmed if your laptop battery becomes warm to the touch while in use or charging – this is perfectly normal for a new laptop battery.

What Should I Do with My Old Laptop Battery?

Replacing your old laptop battery? Laptop replacement batteries contain hazardous chemicals. Discarding batteries in the trash can lead to these harsh chemicals leaking into the environment. To find your local battery recycling center, call the Portable Rechargeable Battery Association at 1-800-822-8837 for the address of the laptop battery recycling center nearest to you.

Battery Maintenance

To get the most our of your replacement battery It is a recommend to occasionally clean the battery contacts using a cotton swab. Use a small amount of alcohol to help maintain a good connection between the battery and your electronic device. Do not short-circuit as it can cause severe damage to your battery. Do not drop, hit, or otherwise abuse your battery as this can expose the contents of the battery cells, which are highly corrosive. Batteries do not do well under extremely weather conditions. In addition, do not expose your battery to moisture or sources of extreme heat as this can result in an explosion.

What is the Overall Lifespan of a Powerwarehouse Battery?

Powerwarehouse replacement batteries have the lifespan between 500 to 800 charges, operating under normal conditions. This means your new replacement laptop battery will have one and a half to three years of total battery life for the average user if properly used. As your laptop battery begins to get older, you will notice your laptop will die faster because the battery cells are weaker. For instance, when your six-hour battery is only supplying you with three hours worth of charge, it's time for a new replacement laptop battery.
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